SK Hynix Likely to Supply Custom DRAM for Apple's 'Vision Pro'

10 months ago

By John. K

DRAM (Image via Pixabay)

It is reported that the customer-customized DRAM memory semiconductor made by SK Hynix will be installed in Apple's next-generation mixed reality (MR) headset, 'Vision Pro'.

According to the industry on the 11th, SK Hynix is expected to supply special DRAM for the Vision Pro, which Apple has announced for release. According to the industry, the Vision Pro is a device that implements computing functions in 3D space, worn like goggles, and is a new hardware device that Apple has unveiled for the first time in 10 years.

The special DRAM of SK Hynix was developed in-house for the Vision Pro. It supports real-time high-definition video processing in conjunction with Apple's new chip 'R1'.

The R1 chip processes information entered by 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. According to the industry, it is known that Apple has continued to collaborate, such as changing SK Hynix's DRAM to a high-bandwidth product from the development stage and applying it to the R1 chip.

Apple plans to release the Vision Pro early next year. Regarding this, SK Hynix said, "We cannot confirm the contents related to the customer."

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