Meta Horizon Worlds v123 Unveils Exciting New Features and Fixes

4 weeks ago

By John. K

Release Notes

Meta Horizon Worlds has rolled out its latest version, v123, and fans of the virtual platform have much to look forward to. This update not only brings about a feature test related to quests and rewards but also addresses several bugs that have been affecting the user experience.

What's New?

Quests and Rewards Expansion: The developers are currently testing new features tied to quests and rewards. Some users might come across short-term experiments where achievements and quests are displayed on the World details page.

Thursday Night Rumble: An exciting event for the community has been introduced. Every Thursday night, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm PT, players can engage in Super Rumble, pitting their skills against others and proving their dominance.

Improvements and Fixes:

Quality of Life Enhancements: Avatars will now appear more luminous when viewing their hands or their reflection, particularly in Welcome Island.

Movement and Physics: Issues that hindered the smooth movement of objects, especially larger ones that rotate slowly, have been addressed. Duplicated objects that exhibited unusual sliding tendencies due to a defined center of mass will now move normally.

Party Interaction: A glitch that stopped individuals in a party from accepting an invite to another member’s Personal Space has been fixed.

For Creators: The limit on creating Persistent Player Variables has been raised from 75. Additionally, a problem regarding the erroneous movement of duplicated objects has been rectified.

Current Known Issues:

Emotion Mix-Up: Sometimes, using the “sad” emote accidentally triggers the “angry” one.

Object Interactions: Grab points may sometimes be challenging to spot or grasp, and grabbable objects can unintentionally apply force to avatars.

Music Settings: Despite setting World Music to 0%, music might still play in the background.

For Creators: Completely erasing an object’s tag requires modifying the tag first. Also, worlds with multiple collaborators might face hitches loading door content. Moreover, there's a scripting sequence error related to player entry events.

Meta Horizon Worlds continues to evolve, and with this update, the team is moving closer to providing an even more seamless virtual experience for its users. Whether you're into quests or just looking to hang out with friends, this platform is gearing up to offer something for everyone.

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